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Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz: options and prices

You’ve decided: the next time you go on holiday you’re packing your bags and heading to Tenerife—you deserve it!

But, instead of being overwhelmed by the bustling south of the island, youve seen that Puerto de la Cruz is the perfect destination for a relaxing rest.

Amid so much sun, beach, swimming pools and good weather, it seems that one of Tenerife’s main attractions often gets overlooked. And, did you know that the highest volcano in Europe is just moments away from Puerto de la Cruz?

Yes, that’s right, Mount Teide is just a short drive away. And yes, it is a volcano, and it’s also the highest point in Europe.

While you’re staying in the north of Tenerife, why not enjoy one of our stress-free Mount Teide excursions from Puerto de la Cruz and other northern locations? 

Read on—we’re going to tell you all about five Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz so you can visit one of the most famous volcanoes in the world during your stay in the Canary Islands.


Day experiences: our three Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz

If you like enjoying activities during the daylight hours, you’re sure to love the following three Mount Teide excursions. From Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna… Transport can be arranged from these and many other points across the north of Tenerife.

Ascent to the peak by cable car, permit included

This is one of our star Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz. It’s the only one that takes you to the highest part of the volcano and spares you the tiresome process of requesting a permit months in advance and having to make sure its timing matches the timing of the cable car tickets you buy. 

To quickly summarise: to ascend to the summit, at an altitude of 3,718 m, you need a permit issued by the National Parks Booking Office.

Only a few permits are issued and there is usually a months-long waiting list. As a company that works with official National Park guides, we have access to some of these permits and you can use them to ascend Mount Teide.

Excursions from Santa Cruz can also depart from other points in northern Tenerife. Here are some of the features of the tour:

  • We book the permit for you: otherwise you need to plan your visit months in advance because the permit is essential for ascending to the summit.
  • You won’t have to do the juggling act of requesting the permit yourself and then matching its timing to the timing of your cable car tickets (included in the tour price).
  • A guide (in Spanish or English) will accompany you and give you detailed explanations about Mount Teide.
  • We collect and return you in comfortable transport for small groups to and from your hotel or nearby point in the north of Tenerife.

It’s almost better if you see for yourself:



Did you like it? Get further information here:

View Ascent to the Peak by Cable Car

Ascent by cable car with choice of hiking route

On these Teide excursions from Santa Cruz and other locations across northern Tenerife we also collect you from your hotel or a nearby point and take you to the base station where we ride the cable car up to La Rambleta at an altitude of 3,555 m.

But from here onwards the experience is different: you can hike along one of the different trails (no permit needed) and can reach the Pico Viejo or La Fortaleza viewpoints.

Both trails run along the marks and scars left by Mount Teide and other old volcanoes in the National Park and end at a viewpoint from where you can gaze out at the beauty of the Canary Islands archipelago.

Here’s a glimpse:



To summarise, this is what is included in this day Mount Teide Park tour from Puerto de la Cruz and other points in northern Tenerife:

  • Transport from your hotel or nearby point for small groups so you can travel to and from the National Park in comfort.
  • Return cable car ticket.
  • Official guide in Spanish, English or German.
  • A choice of trails from the upper station (excluding the trail that leads to the Teide summit, which requires a permit.)

Sound interesting? You’ll find all the info you need here:

View Teide Tour

Visit of the Teide Observatory

Mount Teide volcano doesn’t just offer magical trails, jaw-dropping views and the amazing feeling of hiking through a National Park that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No, that’s not all. (As if that weren’t enough!)

Mount Teide also has some of the clearest skies in the world for stargazing, which is why the National Park is home to the largest Solar Observatory on the planet.

On this Teide tour from Santa Cruz and other locations across northern Tenerife you’ll enjoy a 90-minute guided visit to the observatory.

You’ll join an astrophysics workshop, go inside a professional telescope and gaze up at the daytime skies through portable solar telescopes before setting off back to your hotel after 8 hours of fun.

Take a look here:



In brief, this experience includes the following:

  • Visit to Teide Observatory, the best solar observatory in the world.
  • Visit inside a professional telescope.
  • Observation through portable solar telescopes.
  • Transport from your hotel or a nearby point in northern Tenerife for small groups.

Find further information here:

View Teide Tour + Observatory

Night experiences: our two Mount Teide excursions from Puerto de la Cruz

The best thing to do when night falls in Tenerife is to look upwards and gaze at the firmament.

Admire clear, star-filled skies that impress you with a sensation of an incredible vastness.

To enjoy it to the full, we run two Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz and other points in northern Tenerife. These tours are:

Astronomic tour with guided visit to the Observatory

This is a 2-in-1 night excursion to Mount Teide. Excursions from Puerto de la Cruz collect you and your fellow astronomy lovers in the afternoon and take you to visit the Observatory. During the visit we’ll give you detailed information about the Canary Islands’ skies, the telescopes and the projects that are being run at the institution. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also take part in a fascinating astrophysics workshop.

After the visit we’ll head outdoors to watch the spectacular sunset before ascending to the cable car base station. Then we’ll get out the long-range telescopes and join the Starlight guides to observe one of the most sensational starry skies in the world. Did you know that from here you can see 83 of the 88 known constellations?

You’ll learn about mythology, history and much more.

Here is an example:



Here is a brief outline of what is included in this fascinating night excursion:

  • Guided visit to the largest solar observatory in the world during the afternoon and sunset.
  • Observation with Starlight guides after sunset with long-range telescopes at an altitude of 2,356 m at the Teide cable car base station.
  • Transport from your hotel or nearby point for small groups—avoid overcrowded standard excursions.

If you’d like further details about what the 2-in-1 astronomic excursion includes, you’ll find all the information you need here:

View Astronomic Tour

Sunset & Stars: a magical and exclusive sunset on the volcano

If you find watching beautiful sunsets a moving experience, you’ll love this sunset tour to Mount Teide.

Can you imagine ascending Mount Teide by cable car outside of its normal opening times? You’ll visit the volcano at dusk, just as the sun goes down, with fewer visitors and the opportunity to enjoy a unique sunset at an altitude of 3,555 m with views of four islands, the Pico Viejo crater and the shadow of Mount Teide. After you arrive at the cable car upper station, you’ll follow a stunning trail to the crater of Pico Viejo volcano with the chance to see what might just be the best sunset of your life. 

But the sunset isn’t the end of your experience: quite the opposite!

Next, you’ll enjoy a typical Canarian dinner in the Teleférico del Teide restaurant with a menu that includes hors d’oeuvres, a starter, main course, dessert and drink. All totally delicious, we promise.

Dinner is only available on certain days. Please check the weekly calendar.

What to do on Mt Teide: weekly calendar of activities

And when it’s over... Back to the hotel? Nope, not yet! 

Next, you’ll observe the stars through long-range telescopes. Just like on the astronomic tour, Starlight guides will tell you everything about the firmament and you’re sure to be amazed.

You can take a look here:



Here is a quick summary of what the experience includes:

  • Cable car tickets outside of its normal opening times for a maximum of 90 people, accompanied by a guide.
  • Watching the sunset from Pico Viejo after a beautiful, enjoyable walk.
  • Astronomical observation with Starlight guides and long-range telescopes.
  • Typical Canarian dinner (only available on certain days).
  • Transport from your hotel or a nearby point for small groups.

And remember, if you want to know all the in-depth details about this particular excursion from our catalogue of Teide tours from Tenerife North, you’ll find further information here:

View Sunset & Stars

Summary of excursions, schedules and prices: at a glance

Three day Teide tours from Puerto de la Cruz and two night Mount Teide excursions from Puerto de la Cruz (and other locations in the north of the island). Two of these Teide tours from northern Tenerife include the Teide Observatory, some take the cable car while others don’t... We appreciate that it could be confusing, which is why we’re making it easy for you with these three documents.

They include the days, timetable and prices of everything we’ve explained so far:

A comparative table of activities including cable carWhat to do on Mt Teide: weekly calendar of activitiesA comparative table of activities including Observatory


And that’s it for now: if your next destination is Tenerife, we look forward to seeing you here on one of our Mount Teide excursions from Puerto de la Cruz.

See you soon!


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