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How to get to Mount Teide by bus

If you’re wondering how to get to Mount Teide by bus or public transport, given that public bus routes to Mount Teide can be subject to significant changes, we recommend that you consult timetables in advance, and check the website of Tenerife’s public bus company, Titsa, to find out which buses (called guaguas in Tenerife) run to the Teide National Park.

If you can’t find anything available for the date you have in mind or if you’d prefer to travel to the volcano without using a car, why not join one of our excursions that include transport from your accommodation? If you use this option, you will be contributing towards a more sustainable Mount Teide.

Excursions to Mount Teide with Cable Car. Find out more!

Let’s take a closer look at the different options.

Travelling around Tenerife and to Teide by public transport

As we mentioned earlier, the first thing to do if you want to travel to the Teide National Park using the public bus service (the guagua, as it’s called here in Tenerife) is to check availability and timetables for the day you want to visit. Check using the links above for each of the two guagua routes that serve Mt Teide.
How to get to Mount Teide by bus
A girl admiring the stunning views from Mount Teide

About the bus to Teide

There are a few important things to know about travelling to Mount Teide by bus:

  • Tickets can be bought on the bus to Teide itself when you board, at a kiosk or in shops that display a sticker stating that they sell tickets. You can buy passes for several trips, but these are only sold in kiosks or designated shops.
  • Return tickets for each of the bus routes cost about €11.

If you’d like to know a little more, including options for travelling to Mount Teide by car, take a look at our article on the different options for reaching the cable car.

Take me to excursions to Mount Teide

How to get to Mount Teide without travelling by car or public transport bus

If you can’t find the availability you need with the bus, there are different ways to travel to Mount Teide without having to go by car or use public transport.

An easier option might be to choose one of the Volcano Teide experiences which include return transport from your accommodation. We tell you about some of these below.

Day alternative to public transport

Mount Teide Tour with cable car tickets

Excursion to Mount Teide with cable car

This day excursion with an official guide includes (optional) tickets for the cable car, so that if you book the option with cable car included, when you arrive at the National Park, you can enjoy a wonderful ride up the slopes of the volcano before setting off along one of the free access trails from La Rambleta: the trail that leads to the Pico Viejo viewpoint and the trail that takes you to La Fortaleza.

Spectacular panoramic views are waiting for you at the end of both trails. From the Pico Viejo viewpoint you can see the island of La Gomera and, further away across the vast Atlantic Ocean, the islands of El Hierro and La Palma.

Views from La Fortaleza are equally impressive: you can look out over the north of the island with Anaga at its tip and across the ocean to the Atlantic horizon.

Here’s a quick summary of this experience:


If you liked it, you can find full details about the experience here:

View Mount Teide Tour with Cable Car Tickets

Night visits to Mount Teide—impossible by public transport

Teide by night

Mount Teide Night Tour

Travelling to Mount Teide by bus at sunset is literally impossible.

With our Mount Teide Night Tour, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset over the volcanoes from one of the Teide National Park’s viewing points. We can guarantee that the colours brought to you by nature will remain in your memory forever.

In addition, once darkness has fallen, and you are at the cable car base station at an altitude of precisely 2,356 metres, you can gaze at the stars and constellations in the company of one of our Starlight guides, using long-range telescopes.

Did you know that the sky over Mount Teide is one of the best places on Earth for stargazing, thanks to the extremely low levels of light pollution?

If you’d like to find out all the information about this Teide by night excursion, here it is:

View Mount Teide Night Tour

Astronomic Tour

Instead, this 2 in 1 Mount Teide excursion for astronomy lovers gives you the chance to enjoy the volcano as the sun goes down with a guided visit to Teide Observatory followed by stargazing.

During the afternoon visit to the Observatory you’ll also see a professional telescope, hear about the projects that the scientists at this world-famous centre are currently working on, take part in a brief astrophysics workshop and observe the Sun through portable telescopes.

At the end, you’ll go stargazing with long-range telescopes and Starlight guides. If you think you’ve seen starry skies before, just wait till you see the skies above Mount Teide: did you know that from here you can see 83 of the 88 known constellations?

Take a look at this experience:


If you’d like to visit Mount Teide at sunset and enjoy both its observatory and its skies, here’s the experience in full:

View Astronomic Tour

Sunset & Stars

The final excursion on our list is definitely the most comprehensive and exclusive way to see the sunset and stars.

It takes place at sunset and night, but this time you’ll ride the cable car up to La Rambleta outside of its normal operating times with a maximum of 90 other passengers.

From there you’ll set off on the fascinating trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint to watch the sun go down. You’ll see the shadow of Mount Teide fall across the Atlantic with Gran Canaria on the horizon, and then watch the sunset with the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma in the distance. The spectacular range of colours in the old crater, once a lava lake, will take your breath away as you watch night fall in the National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once you have returned to the base station, the Mount Teide stargazing session will begin, with long-range telescopes in the company of Starlight guides who will reveal everything there is to know about one of the three best skies in the world, together with Chile and Hawaii.

Here is a graphic example so you can see what Sunset & Stars is all about:


Are you close to choosing this exclusive night excursion to Mount Teide? You’ll find further information here:

View Sunset & Stars

Compare excursions at a glance

We’ve explained how to get to Teide by bus (or guagua) and a few alternatives for travelling to the volcano during the day and night. By choosing one of the modes of transport we’ve described instead of travelling by car, you’ll also contribute to the sustainability of the National Park. Are you a #teidelover?

But Volcano Teide is this... And much more. We’ve produced these three documents to help you get organised and compare all the excursions we’ve created so you can enjoy the National Park. Take a look and plan your visit to the most emblematic destination in Tenerife.




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