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Tickets for the Teide Cable Car: with audio guide or trails guide

Did you know that the tickets for the Teide cable car have two complementary options for you to enjoy the volcano to the full?

That’s right!


If you plan to bring your explorer’s suit when you come to visit the highest mountain in Spain, don’t miss the details of these two alternatives because we can’t think of anything better to soak up everything that surrounds this National Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Remember that they are alternative and complementary. In other words:

  • You don’t have to buy them, although it’s recommended if you want to delve a little deeper into what this National Park is all about.
  • IIf you want the trails guide but not the audio guide, you can acquire it at the cable car base station.

A group of visitors listening to the Teide Cable Car audio guide
Book your Cable Car tickets with audio guide.

Take a self-guided tour with our audio guide

The first way we recommend for you to turn your tickets for the Teide cable car into premium tickets is through the audio guide.

This is a series of tracks, available in several languages, with information on the most important and iconic points of the volcano.

The first stop on this self-guided route is at the base station, at an altitude of 2,356 metres, where the audio guide will provide you with information about the National Parks in general and Mount Teide in particular, preparing you for the cable car journey.

Once you reach La Rambleta, at 3,555 metres, you have three options. The audio guide will tell you all the details, but we’ll give you a preview:

  • The trail to Pico Viejo, which takes you to a beautiful crater distinguished by contrasting colours.
  • The La Fortaleza trail, with slopes and winding paths.
  • The Telesforo Bravo trail, the only one that reaches the peak of Mount Teide (please note, you will need a special permit to access; read the complete guite to reaching Mount Teide´s summit).

Download the new version of the audio guide app, updated for January 2023, to your Android or Apple device. Easier to navigate, and a much more enjoyable experience!

It includes detailed and essential information about these three emblematic trails that leave from Teide Cable Car top station and follow different routes across the volcano’s slopes.

You just need to use the booking code from your cable car + audio guide ticket to quickly and easily download the app and enjoy an enhanced contactless experience.

Want to know how the audioguide app works? We explain in this video. Follow the instructions to get the most from your visit to Mount Teide.

Why choose the audio guide with your tickets for the Teide cable car?

Because there are things that, unless you’re told, you may not even be aware of.

As you’re making the trip to Tenerife and dare to climb the volcano, isn’t it worth having detailed explanations to better understand where you are?

Here, you can find a sample of one of the tracks. There are more than 30, counting those relating to the stations and each particular trail!

From the moment you receive the audio guide at the base station, you can press the numbers corresponding to the points of interest as you find them on your way.

In other words, you choose what to listen to.

And we’re not the only ones saying this: Did you know that in August 2019 alone, 22% of all the people who bought their tickets for the Teide cable car used the audio guide? Giving it, in addition, a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Young man reading the trails guide; girls in the background using the Cable Car audio guide
Our audio guide helps you discover Mount Teide in a different way.

Gear up with a full-colour paper guide

This guide, which is clear and rich in graphics, includes useful information on the most interesting points of the three routes that start at La Rambleta. It is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

Puedes adquirirla en la estación base del teleférico.

You can acquire it at the cable car base station.

Pico Viejo Viewpoint trail

We talk to you about points as incredible as the top of the Caldera de Las Cañadas with its layers of magma from different eruptions, the tie of Mount Teide, different lava stretches, one of the most impressive balconies on the island (from which you will see in the background the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma) and, finally, Mirador de Pico Viejo viewpoint.

What is there to say about this crater?

We don’t want to give you a spoiler, but we are going to give you a preview of what our guide contains regarding the path to this viewpoint:

Official tickets for the Teide Cable Car - trail guide Pico Viejo.
Pico Viejo Viewpoint trail route.

La Fortaleza Viewpoint trail

This trail, which we also take a closer look at in the guide, has the viewpoint that bears the same name as its ending point. It is reached after discovering volcanic rocks of different shapes, sizes and colours, as well as the panorama of the predominant Anaga.

You will cross lava paths, you will see them with large rocks belonging to dry lava tongues and you will experience the smell of sulphur from the fumaroles, the escape routes from the lungs of Mount Teide, before reaching the beautiful Mirador de la Fortaleza viewpoint.

Be sure to make the most of both trails with the guide, which you can take as an unforgettable souvenir of your passage through the volcano.

Tickets for the Teide Cable Car - trail guide Fortaleza.
La Fortaleza Viewpoint trail route.

Telesforo Bravo trail to the Peak of Mount Teide

The third one out is actually the only one that takes you to the highest point of the volcano. Remember that in order to access it you need a special permit and that we, as a company that collaborates with the official guides of the National Park, have access to some of those permits. Access them with our Ascent to the Peak by Cable Car experience, which you can find more about on the Teide cable car official website.

And the trail... What is there to say? It runs through the inside and sides of a flow of lava, zigzagging. You will experience in first person how the volcano breathes, and you will see beautiful landscapes with yellow tones as a result of that constant release of sulphur.

But the best is saved until last. Do you know that this is the only possible way to reach the crater of Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain? Please don’t forget your mobile phone, as you don’t see panoramas every day and, as we’ve already mentioned, accessing this trail is not easy because of the issue regarding permits.

Official tickets for the Teide Cable Car - trail guide Pico del Teide.
Telesforo Bravo trail route.

Can I buy both the audio guide and the paper guide?

Of course! You can do it however you want: with the audio guide and trails guide or with the trails guide alone. 

These are your options:

  • If you want to buy the audio guide, you can book it with your tickets for the Teide cable car.
  • If you want the trails guide, you can acquire it at the cable car base station.

Walking with the trails guide will let you know where to stop to better appreciate the surroundings. And if you add to that the audio guide, we will also show you the points at which you should make a stop, dial the code, press play and listen.

How can I purchase the audio guide or the trails guide?

It’s very simple.

You can book the audio guide directly when you buy your tickets for the Teide cable car from this page, on the Teide cable car official website.

If you only want the trails guide, you can acquire it at the cable car base station.

If you want the audio guide, follow the same process but adding this option, and when you arrive at the base station, before climbing to La Rambleta, we will give you the audio guide.

Enjoy one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world thanks to our audio guide!

If you want to go one step further, take a look at all our activities on Mount Teide

If you want to make even more of your visit to the volcano, we have a number of additional activities that might interest you. 

There are quite a few; here’s our weekly schedule:

Ready to explore and make the most of Europe’s most incredible volcano?


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