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Teide Cable Car for families: let us clear your doubts!

Will you be visiting Mount Teide with your family in the near future?

Are you wondering, is the cable car for families? Teide cable car + children? Are they compatible? 

By now youll already know that the National Park has a cable car that runs from the base station (at an altitude of 2,356 m) to the top station, also known as La Rambleta (at 3,555 m).

So, is Teide Cable Car for families with children? Yes it is.

Child ages for Teide Cable Car attraction tickets

Can children of any age use the Teide Cable Car? No, and thats why weve written this article: to clear up any possible doubts about ascending Mount Teide by cable car with children.

Read on to find out about Teide Cable Car for families with children


Restrictions to using the cable car for families with children

Adhering to these restrictions is compulsory. There are just two restrictions in place:

Children under 3

Children under 3 years of age are not permitted to ascend Mount Teide by cable car—for families with children this is important to remember. They are not permitted because their health could be put at risk by the high altitude. This restriction is also applicable to pregnant women. Kids who are 3 and above can use the Teide Cable Car—children will love the experience!

Children under 8

Children under 8 may not take part in any of the night activities that involve using the cable car. For families with children under 8, one of our day activities will be a better choice.

At Volcano Teide we run activities that take place right at the end of the day and at nightfall that include the cable car, for example our Sunset & Stars (Sunset and Stars on Teide) experience. 

So, on the Sunset & Stars activity with Teide Cable Car children under 8 are not permitted. However, from this age upwards this experience means guaranteed fun for all.

Recommendations for ascending Mount Teide by cable car for families with children

Once you are at La Rambleta there are two trails that leave directly from the upper station that we would like to recommend in particular:

Trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint with cable car for families with children

We do not recommend doing this trail with children under 5.

The trail isn’t hard at all but there is considerably less oxygen in the air than at sea level and the walk could therefore be challenging for children who are 4 years old or younger. It’s a much better idea to do it when they’re 5 or above.

If your children are 5 or older, look what’s waiting for your family:

Are you convinced that you can all have a great family day out?

Here’s an article that tells you all about the trail to the impressive viewpoint of the Pico Viejo volcano

Please remember that sunset activities are not available for under-8s and we only recommend our day activities for children who are 5 and above.

Trail to the peak of Mount Teide

The recommended age for this experience goes up by one year to 6 years old and above. 


Because the peak of Mount Teide is at a far greater altitude than the highest point on the trail described above. The route is harder, especially when you bear in mind that there is less oxygen in the air at this altitude.

Some 5-year-olds might find it difficult to do this trail, which ends with spectacular views at an altitude of 3,718 m, and that’s why we advise you to only choose this activity if your children are 6 years old and above.

If they are, and you’re all relatively fit, go for it! See. It’s worth it, we promise. Gazing out with the Atlantic at your feet and the islands of La Gomera or La Palma in the distance is simply unbeatable: you’ll children will love it and so will you.

But don’t forget: you need a permit to access the trail that leads to the crater from La Rambleta. You can get one independently or leave it in our hands and make sure you have one with our Ascent to the Peak excursion. This activity also includes an official guide and the option of transport if you’d like to help contribute to a sustainable Mount Teide.

If you’d like more information, take a look at this article about how to ascend to the peak of Mount Teide with children.

Table of admission by age


Age of child




Teide Cable Car

Not admitted


Night activities

Not admitted


Trail to the viewpoint of the Pico Viejo volcano



Ascent to the Peak



Ascending Mount Teide with children: looking for ideas?

Now we’ve outlined the restrictions and recommendations, we’re happy to say that Mount Teide has countless possibilities to offer families with children.

It really does.

The National Park has something for everyone, from the smallest family members to you, the grown-ups.

We particularly recommend the following activity for the whole family to enjoy:

Would you like to compare the different experiences?

With or without the cable car; during the day or at sunset; with or without children; with the observatory or hiking along one of the trails...

There are lots of different ways to enjoy our National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site, so to make a decision easier for you weve created a free weekly activities/tours calendar:


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