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4 very practical tips if you plan to go up Mount Teide this summer

In summer, the influx of visitors who wish to see the spectacular landscapes of the Teide National Park increases considerably.

In today’s article we want to share with you a number of useful recommendations so that you can enjoy your experience of visiting the third highest volcano in the world in summer season to the fullest.

How to go up Mount Teide on the day of your choosing

There are two ways of purchasing Teide Cable Car tickets: online or directly at the ticket office.

Both ways are equally valid.

This means that the end result is always the same: when purchasing your Teide Cable Car ticket, we assign a specific session or time slot.

What is the difference, then?

It’s very simple.

If you buy online, you can easily see the places available before arriving at our facilities in the National Park and you can plan your holidays in the island better.

If, on the contrary, you choose to buy your ticket directly at the ticket office, summer, you might be disappointed if there are no more places available for the very day of your visit as sessions are assigned according to the availability at any given time.

So if you're planning to go up Mount Teide by cable car this summer, we recommend that you make a reservation online.

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How to choose the best time to ascend by cable car

During our usual opening times, the cable car operates from 9am to 5pm; the last ascent is at 4pm and the last descent at 4.50pm.  

But we have good news for you. Now, in summer, we extend our hours of operation so that you can make the most of your holiday plans.

You stretch the hours and minutes of your summer holiday and we keep up with your pace!

From July to September, you can fly over craters and lava flows towards the highest peak in Spain from 9am to 6pm.

We recommend that you read our last year’s article about the best days and times to ascend Mount Teide by cable car, in which you will find some graphs to help you choose the best time slot or session.

Remember that we offer a free car park with 220 parking places, which is at your disposal; it is open from 8am to 6pm. In summer, you might find it difficult to spot a free parking space quickly, so if you get stressed by this kind of things, keep reading, because we are about to tell you how to visit Teide National Park without a car and without worries!

Recommendations summer Tenerife Teide


Recommendations to enjoy a perfect day with Teide Cable Car

We have many recommendations for you to enjoy your visit to Mount Teide using the cable car this summer but let us maybe start with the most important ones:

Pregnant women, children under 3 and people with heart problems

Please bear in mind that it takes only 8 minutes to cover the nearly 1,200-m distance between the base station and the upper station, located at an altitude of 3,555 m, therefore, if you’re pregnant, suffer from heart disease or travel with children under 3 who you are responsible for, we recommend that you consult with your doctor so that he/she can tell you if you can use the cable car. We do not recommend it at all in such cases.

Access for visitors with disabilities

Our facilities are not adapted to the needs of visitors with disabilities at present, although we hope to adapt them in the future. Please bear it in mind.

For the time being, we have a toilet for people with reduced mobility but in order to access the cabins it is necessary to walk up some stairs, which is why we do not recommend this activity for people with disabilities, unless they are accompanied by somebody who can help them get to the boarding area.

Recommendations for hikes

It is important to bear these recommendations in mind throughout the year, but in summer, due to elevated temperatures, it is absolutely necessary to follow them strictly, especially in order to avoid dehydration.

  • Bring enough water to hydrate properly. If for whatever reason you run out of water while at the upper station, you can always use vending machines, for which you will need to have some coins.
  • Bring warm clothing just in case. It may be very sunny at the beach, but weather at an altitude of 3 555 m may surprise you.
  • Wear sunglasses. Luminosity at such an altitude is elevated.
  • Wear proper footwear as the surface of the upper station trails is irregular. Your feet, and your whole body in fact, will appreciate it!

Access to Teide crater

The trail to Teide crater is probably the most popular trail among the three upper station routes.

If you’re planning to walk it, remember that you will need to apply for a special, free permit issued by the authorities of the Teide National Park through their website.

The number of daily permits to access Teide crater is limited and it is necessary to apply for it at least two months in advance if you want to make sure to obtain one.

If you also wish to go up to the crater of the third highest peak in the world accompanied by a guide who will unravel all the secrets that the volcano holds, you might find our hiking activity Ascent to the Peak by Cable Car which includes optional transportation from the north and the south of the island, interesting.

Recommendations visit Teide summer


How to visit Teide National Park without a car

Visiting Mount Teide without a car is possible and it is also an unforgettable experience!

You just have to choose between a day tour to the Park, with cable car included or a late afternoon tour including Cable Car at Sunset, which also allows you to behold the shadow of the volcano cast towards the island of Gran Canaria from the only place in the world, where it is possible to enjoy this spectacle, and to bid farewell to the day from the impressive Pico Viejo viewpoint, with the Montaña Chahorra crater, which is 800 m in diameter, at your feet, and spectacular views of some of the neighbouring islands on the horizon.

Tips Teide summer Tenerife


We hope that you find these recommendations to enjoy Mount Teide on your summer holiday this year useful.

Do you have any question which you don’t find the answer to among our recommendations? Leave us a comment. We will be happy to clear your doubts.

Happy well-deserved summer vacation!