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Book Teide Cable Car Tickets Online

Did you know that over 60% of our customers book their Teide Cable Car tickets online?

This is because booking Teide Cable Car tickets online offers great benefits. We present them to you so that you don't miss out on going up to Spain's highest peak!

Buy Teide Cable Car tickets


Teide Cable Car tickets

By booking Teide Cable Car tickets you make sure that you will fly over craters and lava flows and that you wont miss out on ascending Mount Teide or enjoying the magnificent views that the volcano has to offer because once you have booked your ticket for the Teide Cable Car online you have a seat in the cabin guaranteed within a specified time slot, without having to queue at the ticket office or risking having to wait for the ascent for several hours or even missing the chance to buy your Teide Cable Car tickets.

Benefits of booking Teide Cable Car tickets online

The main benefit of booking Teide Cable Car tickets online is that you can choose from among available sessions the day and time slot that best suit your needs.

Although you can acquire Teide Cable Car tickets directly at the ticket office if you wish, we will always recommend that you make your reservation for the Teide Cable Car online because even if we also assign sessions at the ticket office, we can only offer you available seats that have not been booked online.

What does it mean?

It means that if you don’t book your Teide Cable Car tickets online you may have to face some of the following unpleasant situations which you can easily avoid by making a reservation for the Teide Cable Car online:

  • Having to queue to get your tickets at the Cable Car ticket office
  • Having to wait for several hours after having purchased your tickets for the Teide Cable Car before you can use them because there are no seats available over the next few hours
  • Having to leave our premises without having been able to ascend Mt. Teide on the day of your visit because there are no more Teide Cable Car tickets available for that day

Booking Teide Cable Car tickets online: how and where?

Now that you know all the benefits of booking your Teide Cable Car tickets online and you know that it’s the best option to make sure that you don’t miss out on ascending to an altitude of 3,555 m above sea level, you just need to make a reservation for the Teide Cable Car.

You can buy your Teide Cable Car tickets online; they are also on sale in travel agencies and hotels.

Please bear in mind, however, that in order to enjoy the benefits of the Teide Cable Car tickets online booking system, you must make sure that your tickets are being purchased via our collaborators’ website, if you book your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets at a travel agency or your hotel's reception desk and not directly on our website, otherwise the ticket that you receive may not be a Teide Cable Car Online Ticket, and you won't be able to enjoy its benefits.

We recommend that you make your reservation for the Cable Car to Mount Teide on our website, where you will have the opportunity to choose the session that best suits your needs.

In fact, you’ll see that you can choose from different time slots. From the opening to the closure of the Teide Cable Car facilitiesyou can book your tickets for the cable car to Mount Teide every 10 minutes.

Book Teide Cable Car tickets


You must know that it is only possible to choose the time slot or session when reserving Teide Cable Car round-trip tickets or tickets for the ascent only, so if you book a ticket only for the descent by Teide Cable Car, the Online Ticket booking system won't display the option of choosing a session, as shown in the image above with seats available.

Recommendations for redeeming your Teide Cable Car Online Ticket vouchers

Once you have booked your ticket for the cable car to Mount Teide, you just need to exchange it, without having to stop at the ticket office where the tickets are sold.

We recommend that you arrive at the Teide Cable Car facilities half an hour prior to the boarding time specified on your Teide Cable Car ticket.

You will then have enough time to park in our free car park offering 220 parking spaces and go to the ticket office in the boarding area to redeem your voucher for the Teide Cable Car ticket.



PS: If you don’t have your own vehicle but you still want to enjoy the National Park during the day, we recommend our excursion Teide Tour and Cable car ride. 

And if you prefer having an exclusive experience of beholding the best sunset in Tenerife at an altitude of 3,555 m, we recommend the activity Cable Car at sunset or the excursion Sunset & Stars (Sunset and Stars on Teide), which includes a Teide Cable Car ticket to watch the sunset from the Pico Viejo viewpoint as well as the services of a guide and transportation.

Are you dreaming of going up to the summit of Mount Teide on foot? We recommend that you read our article ‘Hiking Teide’s Peak.'

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