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Looking for a romantic evening in Tenerife? Have a look at these packages for a night under the stars!

Any self-respecting romantic evening must include a sunset. This is a Basic Level Package for Couples. We consider ourselves fortunate to be at Mount Teide, and we can offer you a sunset on another level completely if you decide to treat your partner to a visit to Mount Teide.

What makes Mount Teide the perfect place to bring the love of your life at whatever time of year you visit Tenerife? Well tell you:

  • You and your partner will feel closer than ever: youll understand what we mean when youre on a starlit excursion on Tenerife, at the summit of a stunningly beautiful Natural Park, hand in hand with the person who means the world to you. Nothing can beat it for bringing people close.
  • You will soak up the incredible atmosphere of your surroundings: when you come to Mount Teide, you will find yourself literally part of a postcard scene. Wherever you look, youll be amazed by the vast array of colours that meets your eyes, and thats not even counting the natural scenery. How do you fancy including islands such as La Gomera, El Hierro or La Palma in your souvenir photo?
  • You can discover the heart of the island as a couple: these activities will fit in with exploring the Mount Teide National Park on your own. If youre adventurous as well as romantic, why not combine one of these experiences with a self-designed trail through the volcano?

Options  for a romantic evening under the stars in TenerifeYes, Mount Teide is the place. This is the place youre looking for if you want to give your partner an experience that will truly amaze them. The colours of the horizon, the views, the natural setting of the volcano and the starlit skies make the perfect combination, and the packages described below will allow you to enjoy them all:

Sunset & Stars: an excursion beneath the stars

Imagine watching the sunset from an altitude of 3,555 metres, from the viewing point of a balcony above the Atlantic Ocean. At your feet lies the enormous crater of a still-active volcano. As you were walking along the trail to the viewpoint, youve already seen the signs of volcanic activity: fumaroles and other geographical curiosities that youve never come across anywhere else.A romantic evening in Tenerife: sunset on Mount Teide


The road leading to the path is also pure magic: the excursion allows you to make your own way to the cable car base station, enjoying along the way the majesty of a volcano that you will be able to view from above during your cable car ride.  The tremendously popular cable car will be closed to the public, and available only to those fortunate enough to embark on this romantic adventure with the Volcano Teide Experience. You will be accompanied during your ascent by an expert guide, who will tell you about everything that makes Mount Teide so unique.

Well, this idyllic experience is real, and its within your grasp on the Sunset & Stars which takes you to the summit of the volcano, where you will have the opportunity to navigate the night sky with a stargazing session in the company of Starlight guides. Did you know that Tenerife has one of the best skies in the world for stargazing? Yes: its the very same sky that you will experience as the culmination of one of the most romantic excursions the island can offer.

Astronomical observation to enjoy the night sky as a couple

This package takes you directly to the stargazing session, so this original romantic package is just the thing for you if youre the kind of people who only have to see a constellation before you start imagining the story that lies behind. You can also, on the way there, spend the day discovering the delights of Mount Teide for yourselves.

As we were saying earlier, the conditions on Mount Teide mean that (together with Chile and Hawaii) Tenerife boasts one of the worlds best skies for stargazing. And that is exactly what you will do on this excursion, but not only thatyou will have to hand powerful scientific telescopes as well as qualified guides to help you navigate the universe and tell you the mythological stories behind each group of stars.

A romantic evening in Tenerife: astronomical observation on Mount TeideThe session will be held at the Cable Car base station, the gateway to a universe teeming with galaxies, planets and star clusters. If you would like to share an incomparable romantic evening with your partner, choose this stargazing experience of one of the best night skies on Earth!

Magical Soirée: a mountain sunset, stars and gourmet cuisine

At present this activity does not include dinner in the restaurant at the cable car base station, however, you can enjoy a picnic instead. Please find further information in the experience details.

Did you really think we would offer you options for a romantic evening in Tenerife with none of them including a gourmet element? Of course we wouldnt! Just wait until you see it.

This is the deluxe package which will bring you as a couple even closer together. The intimate mood is set before you even start: if you prefer, you can make your own way by car to the cable car base station, enjoying the viewing points along the way during the 90-minute drive from the coast.

Once you arrive there, you will begin your romantic cable car ascent over this stunningly beautiful National Park, which currently welcomes more visitors than any other in the country. The cable car will bring you to an altitude of 3,555 metres, where you will begin your walk along the amazing trail that leads to Pico Viejo. You will be accompanied by our guide, whose presence will be invaluable as they share their expert knowledge of the rich natural heritage of Mount Teide.

At the end of the path through this incomparable setting, the most superb sunset you have ever seen awaits you. But lets not linger here, because weve already told you about that. Instead, lets move on to your return to the base station, and the dinner that awaits. The dinner will introduce you to the typical cuisine of Tenerife, with local products accompanied by some of the islands best wines.

The gourmet element of this romantic package for couples (apart from being the perfect follow-up to the amazing sunset) will also serve as the prelude to the culmination of the eveningan astronomical observation using powerful, scientific telescopes directed at the most glorious night sky in Europe. We are not exaggerating: the clear, unpolluted sky over Mount Teide is one of the best places in the world for stargazing.

It appeals to you, doesnt it? What an awesome post-dinner treat! During the session, the Starlight guides will tell you the story behind each constellation, and will answer any questions that occur to you as you gaze into the infinity of the Universe.

Do you want to check out our calendar of activities?

Mount Teide is a place made for couplesthat much is obvious. If you want to see what else is on offer for your trip to Tenerife (apart from the packages we have described), here is a visual calendar which will help you decide, quickly and easily, how you can enjoy Tenerife as a couple:


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