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The weather on Mount Teide

Check out the weather on Mount Teide!

When we travel to Tenerife, we expect sunshine, the beach, high temperatures and wonderful experiences.

7 reasons to take the Mount Teide summit tour

Mount Teide summit tour using the cable car

Are you off to the Canary Islands soon? Have you written the words reach Mount Teide’s summit in capital letters on your must-do list?

The Pico Viejo trail: Teide without permit

Alternative ways of climbing Teide without a permit

Getting your hands on a permit issued by the management of the Teide National Park can be quite the challenge. Not because it’s technically tricky, but because there...

Climb the Teide on foot and see the Huevos del Teide

Climbing Mount Teide along the Montaña Blanca trail

Calling all adventurers in search of a challenge - put yourselves to the test here!

How to get up Mount Teide with a permit to climb to the top

All you need to know about the Mount Teide permit

You’ve probably heard it from a friend or read it online: you need to get the Mount Teide permit provided by the Teide National Park to climb to the summit.

Tenerife Carnival: Election of the Carnival Queen

How to fully experience the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2019

The first important date of the calendar we have just released will soon be here.  What are we talking about? That we, the people of Tenerife, already have the...