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Check out the weather on Mount Teide!

When we travel to Tenerife, we expect sunshine, the beach, high temperatures and wonderful experiences.


Photo of a wonderful sunny day in Teide National Park
Photo of a sunny day in Teide National Park

The bit about the experiences is certainly true, but the part about fantastic weather at any time of the year is not, especially if we happen to be on the volcano that is the third highest above sea level in the whole world. Make no mistake: the difference between the temperature on the beach and that on Mount Teide can be enormous.

Make no mistake: the difference between the temperature on the beach and that on Mount Teide can be enormous.

In addition, the weather on Mount Teide is an enigma. It is changeable, unpredictable and even volatile, and as we offer first-hand experiences in this National Park, we have prepared a web page so that at any time, you can check on the weather in the area, to enable you to plan your trip and to know what to expect here on the highest peak in Spain:

Check out the weather on Mount Teide at this very moment

Why it’s good to know

As we’ve already said, on one day we can have fantastic weather, and the next morning the wind can exceed the limits at which we can operate safely, or the temperatures have tumbled to the point where you need a coat.

If you have not yet booked your activity → You will have the information you need to make a choice: if you know it’s going to be very cold, you may prefer to explore the Universe from the Observatory, instead of making the trek from Montaña Blanca.

And if you have already booked your activity → Avoid any nasty surprises! Knowledge is power! In addition, you can now plan your other activities around your experience—for example, if you want to go on and explore the volcano on your own.

I want to find out what the temperature is on Teide right now

In a nutshell, this information about the weather tells you what you need to know in order to stay safe during your Mount Teide adventure and to get the most from it by combining it with your own plans and by ensuring you have suitable clothing.

Amazing photo of Teide National Park
Amazing photo of Teide National Park

Show me the activities I can do on Teide

The weather on Mount Teide: detailed information that you need to know

The information page on the conditions on Mount Teide has been prepared with the same care taken when we design our experiences, and here is a summary of what you can find:

  • Open or closed? The conditions in real time on the cable car, on La Rambleta and on the paths branching from it, as well as on the trail leading from Montaña Blanca to the Refuge (which is currently closed to the public), and at the Observatory.
  • The weather: temperature, humidity and forecast for the next few days.
  • Webcams: are strategically placed in various parts of the National Park, so that you can see the conditions direct on video.
  • Road access: we tell you the road conditions in real time, in case you want to arrive by car and avoid any unexpected problems. It’s worth it if it means you arrive on time!

If you want to be well prepared for your visit to the volcano (or you want to ensure you’re going to enjoy the activities), keep an eye on our special Mount Teide forecast.

Even better: we recommend that you save it in your ‘Favourites’, so that you have it to hand whenever you need it! More reliable and precise than anywhere, here:

Check out the weather on Mount Teide at this very moment

If you’ve checked whether the cable car is operating, or what the weather is like at this precise moment, and you haven’t found what you expected, it’s time to switch to Plan B. In this post, we tell you calmly how to manage your booking if the cable car is closed due to adverse weather conditions or to technical problems.

What to do on Mount Teide if the cable car is closed?

Other recommended activities you can do in Teide if the cable car is closed:

Table of activities without cable car
Activities you can enjoy on Mount Teide when the cable car is closed.

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