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What does the trail to the crater of Mount Teide look like

We keep on revealing the paths on the summit of Mount Teide.

Today we present in detail one of the trails which boasts the most spectacular views: the trail to the crater of Mount Teide, or Telesforo Bravo. Its high level of difficulty is worth overcoming because the path itself is the prize, offering unique experiences every step of the way.

The wonders on the trail to the Teide crater

Walking along the Teide National Park’s trail No. 10, or Telesforo Bravo, you can observe:

  • The lava canal which descends from the edge of the crater
  • The Mirador del canal viewpoint
  • The Telesforo Bravo Path: a winding path which at certain spots takes you to the interior edge of the canal on the slope. At different points there are also emanations and fumaroles.
  • The crater of Teide, covered by white dust from the fumes from the fumaroles that are to be found there. You will also notice some yellow shades in the landscape, proceeding from sulphur deposits.
  • The summit: Spain’s highest peak. This is your goal if you opt for this wonderful trail at the summit of Teide!
  • And the cotton-like mantle, also known as the ‘Sea of clouds’.

Interesting facts about the Telesforo Bravo trail

The Telesforo Bravo trail leads to Spain’s highest peak along the inside and the side of a lava canal.

Surely you’ve been told that this trail, which culminates on the edge of the Teide crater, makes an impression due to the smell of the sulphur emanating from the fumaroles and also because of the astonishing beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

If you are considering climbing to the Teide crater, you are probably aware that access is restricted for conservation reasons and that you need a special permit which can be booked online through Teide National Park’s reservation page for free.

If you would prefer a guide to accompany you on this climbing experience to the highest peak of Spain and explain absolutely everything to you, check out our hiking tours. Some of them include the pass to the crater!

The Telesforo Bravo trail is 614 m long and the distance to climb is 173 m.

Trail to the summit of Mount Teide: gradient



The level of difficulty of the trail to the crater of Mount Teide is high, which is why it is not recommended for people with heart problems.


Must-see stops on the trail to the crater of Mount Teide

Let's get to the point!

We present the must-see spots you should stop at if you choose to walk this path of great scenic and volcanological interest.

On the Telesforo Bravo trail you will start walking along the inside of a lava canal, you will then continue walking around the crater following the Telesforo Bravo path to arrive at the highest peak in Spain accompanied by the most spectacular views in Tenerife.  

We present 3 of the 6 must-see spots that you will want to stop at while ascending the Telesforo Bravo trail to the Teide crater.   

Do not leave your camera at home!

Route to the summit of Mount Teide: Points of interest


Stop 1 on the Telesforo Bravo trail: The lava canal.

This is the starting point of an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

The walk starts at the heart of the lava canal that descends from the edge of the Teide crater.

Focus on its unusual shape that resembles an open tunnel. Notice that most of the lava wall is smooth.

The reason for this is that the canal might have been filled with lava with certain regularity at some point.

This way, the spurts of magma came to seep from the sides and lava flows gushed out causing the edges of the canal to grow.

Along the Telesforo Bravo trail you will observe some natural sections which perfectly reflect the phenomenon of layers.

The trail to the crater of Mount Teide: Lava canal



Stop 2 on the trail to the Teide crater: The viewpoint of the canal

You'll know when you're at the viewpoint of the canal (Mirador del canal) because this stop coincides with a landing just after you cross to the other side of the canal to continue on the trail to Teide’s peak.

By the way, did you know that before Teide’s last erupted crater there had been yet another crater?

We’re talking about the ancient crater of La Rambleta which you will be able to spot to the right of the Teide Cable Car’s upper station.  

Be careful because from this point on the level of difficulty of the ascent of the crater starts increasing and you must be in good physical shape.

Route to the Teide crater: The viewpoint of the canal 

Testimonies of the difficulty of the climb to the Teide crater date back to decades ago.

In 1590, the Italian engineer Leonardo Torriani from Cremosa wrote: “Even without trees, the view is pleasing to the eye... The climb lasts 24 hours on horseback, plus two hours walking, and is extremely exhausting. The hardest stretch is two miles long, half of which is very hard, for there is no path or trail that can be followed...”

So, take your time to enjoy the views and the geological wonders on the trail to the Teide crater.

Stop 3 on the Telesforo Bravo trail: The Telesforo Bravo Path 

Here, the Telesforo Bravo trail winds and approaches the interior edge of the canal at various points on the slope.

Pay attention, because from this point on the trail you will be able to see yet again overlapping layers of lava.  

Did you know that it used to be that once you reached this point there were several paths between the rocks, but following the suggestion of the geologist Telesforo Bravo a unique trail was created to climb to the crater of Mount Teide?

The proposal of this geologist, after whom the trail to the peak of Teide was named, has ensured the safety of the visitors and managed to minimise the environmental impact.

Your effort will soon be rewarded because from this point on the trail you can already spot some emanations and deposits from fumaroles. Now, off to Pico Viejo!




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