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Image of the model of the Perseverance in the Teide National Park prior to the mission to Mars.

The Perseverance Rover ‘trained’ for its trip to Mars on Mount Teide

On 18 February 2022, it will be a year since the Perseverance Rover’s arrival on Mars.

Image of the recently discovered Guajara violet

The Guajara violet: another plant exclusively found in Teide National Park

The Guajara violet is another gem found among the unique flora of Teide National Park.

Getting to Mount Teide by bus

How to get to Mount Teide by bus

If you’re wondering how to get to Mount Teide by bus or public transport, given that public bus routes to Mount Teide can be subject to significant changes, we recommend...

Photo of a wonderful sunny day in Teide National Park

Check out the weather on Mount Teide!

When we travel to Tenerife, we expect sunshine, the beach, high temperatures and wonderful experiences.


Control of the mouflon population - restrictions in the National Park

For safety reasons, while mouflon population control operations are under way in the Teide National Park, members of the public are prohibited from entering or being...


The volcanic activity at Tenerife is the typical of a quiescent volcano

As a result of the concerns regarding a possible Mt. Teide eruption, the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) indicates that the volcanic activity...

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