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Few challenges can rival this one: the ascent to the summit of Mount Teide

The first rays of the morning sun begin to cross the sky, casting a glimmer over the Atlantic Ocean, and projecting onto the highest mountain peak in Spain. And right up...


How to visit Teide’s crater step by step

This infographic will explain everything you need to know to plan a visit to Teide’s crater.

What is the trail to the crater of Mount Teide like

What does the Telesforo Bravo trail to the crater of Mount Teide look like

The Telesforo Bravo trail is one of the many wonderful trails you’ll find on Mount Teide—and it’s the most popular because whoever completes it succeeds in ascending to...

Map of the route to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint

What does the trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint on Mount Teide look like

Today we present detailed information about one of the most spectacular trails on the summit of Mount Teide: the route to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint.


Ascending Teide on foot - Hiking in Tenerife

Climbing Mount Teide, Spain’s highest summit, is a dream shared by many people. Visiting Teide’s crater during the ascent is a unique experience: being able to observe...

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