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Ahoy explorer! If you are coming to Tenerife, you must see these guided visits of Teide

For an explorer who is eager to learn and is enthusiastic about nature there is nothing like organising a good holiday and if it is in Tenerife, that makes it even...

Activities and excursions on Teide: visual weekly calendar

Do you want to know what you can do on Mt Teide any day of the week with Volcano Teide Experience?

We make it easy for you: check out our weekly calendar of...

How to go up Mount Teide by Cable Car: Comparative table of activities

Yes, I know. Now you’re going to tell me that the answer to how to get to Teide by Cable Car is obviously: buying Cable Car tickets.

How to visit the Teide Observatory in Tenerife

If you are wondering how you can visit the Teide Observatory while on holiday in Tenerife, in today’s article, we present all the options currently available to you...

How to get to Teide by car and what to do en route - INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC

Do you know that phrase that says that all roads lead to Rome? In Tenerife something similar happens, except that the destination is not Rome but the third largest...

Observe the Milky Way in Tenerife this summer

The summer nights are amazing—there is no doubt about that. Why? Because the nights, during the summer, are warmer and, above all, the majority of us enjoy our...

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